Sunday, February 19, 2012


Unlocking your phone can provide many benefits at a low cost:

No more roaming charges.
Ability to switch freely between service providers.
Increase resale value of your phone by up to 50%.
100% safe unlocking that does not harm your phone.
Absolutely no technical knowledge is required.

Friday, February 17, 2012

How to enter Unlock Code on Huawei mobile phones

There are many ways to unlock cellular phones.
One of the most common ways is to get the manufacturers unlock code.
This code would be available to you from a few different sources.

Unlock codes could also be supplied by unlocking service companies such as (our company) Or local cellular phone stores that provide this service to their customers. is a company that provides this service to wholesalers & retail stores.
(If you are a wholesaler or retailer we would love to hear from you and service all your unlocking needs with the best rates in the industry)

Another method will be to use cables to unlock the phone, a method used by technicians but not advised for consumer due to cost.

If for any reason you received the unlock code but need to enter it you will need to follow the instructions for your model phone.

We have been getting lots of requests for instructions how to unlock different model phones. We decided to post them to make them available to anyone that needs them.

How to enter Unlock Code on Huawei mobile phones
1) open Hyperterminal : C:\Program Files\Windows NT (should be there)
2) you must set com port on modem (Huawei Mobile Connect - 3G Modem)
3) type following command : AT^CARDLOCK=""
4) Validate by pressing Enter.

We are not responsible of any kind of damage warranty firmware or hardware of your mobile phone/phones while following the unlock instructions. 718-942-7594  email us